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Flame treatment of plastics encompasses an infinite range of extruded or moulded products. Different applications are covered within this market sector including: bottles, containers, moldings, components, extruded pipes and cable covers, etc. Flame treatment can be utilized to promote the adhesion of labels or print enhancing product quality. This is most beneficial for printing and labeling and insuring that there is no damage to such applications from transit or handling of the product ensuring a products visual integrity and "sale ability" is intact when reaching the supermarket shelf.



  • Improved print and label durability
  • Reduce reject rates
  • Enhanced product quality

Main Applications

  • Bonding printing
  • Labelling of Containers
  • Printing of: Caps, Closures, Bottles, Packaging, Containers and Cables.

Main Advantages

  • Versatile Treatment.
  • Reliable
  • Repeatable
  • Low Costs
  • Low Maintenance
  • No Primers

Industry Application Mobile Phone Covers FT Special Bottle Treater

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