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Air Heaters

The AEROGEN FC Series Fire Cone Air Heater burners are ideal for industrial heating applications. Ideally they can be utilised for a variety of processes for both direct and indirect air heating. Processes include Ink dying for Flexographic and Rotogravure presses, Paint drying for spray coating booths, factory / space heating and also general drying and heating applications. The FC burners have an excellent temperature control ability (1C if required) and also a large turn down rate of 35:1. The Aerogen FC Series Air Heaters come in a variety of sizes, available with maximum thermal capacity ranging from 500,000 4,000,000 Btus (146 1172 KW).

Main Features

Air Heater
  • High Turn Down Ratio of 35:1
  • Automatic Temperature Modulating (1C if required)
  • In Duct Design
  • Automatic Flame Detection
  • Works with Most Commercially Available Gases
  • Suitable for Operation in High Velocity Air Stream
  • Manufacture to International Standards

Main Applications

  • Ink Drying for Flexographic and Rotogravure Presses.
  • General Process Heating)
  • General Drying Applications

The Aerogen FC Series Air Heaters come in a variety of sizes dependent on the thermal output required.

Air Heater

Industry Application

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