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Bespoke Burner Systems

The General Sector covers the Bakery, Canning and Bespoke Industries. Industrial gas burner systems can be manufactured specifically to suit the individual needs of both customers and products. Aerogenís wide experience in the manufacture of industrial process heating plants, combined with our practical knowledge of food oven burner equipment, is integral to the development of our baking systems. A major application is the updating of old ovens where the installation of Aerogen baking systems can result in greater fuel efficiency, increased productivity and improved product quality and consistency. For convection and indirect gas fired ovens, ranges of nozzle mix burners are available. These produce extremely intense and efficient combustion, with combustion air supplied at low pressure to keep demand for electricity to a minimum. The Can Making Industry is also an important sector for The Aerogen Company. We have designed a patented side-strip curing system to handle the whole process of curing the seams onto the modern three-piece can. This unique system provides a highly versatile and cost effective method of drying and curing side strip lacquer onto cans and demonstrates the benefits of using gas as an energy source. Aerogen's experience in bringing the advantages of using flame to different applications continually advances our burner system technology into new and diverse industries.

Applications at a glance

  • Burners for Bakery Ovens
  • Flame Drying of Tobacco
  • Flame Drying of Silicon Coating
  • Flame Drying of Paper
  • Medical Plastics
  • Laminated Profiles
  • Carton Card Sealing
  • Treatment of Tin Plate Prior to Coating, Printing and Lacquering
  • Brazing Surfaces
  • Flame Singeing / Polishing
  • Power Generating Evaluation


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