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The laminated carton is proving popular packaging technology, due to its flexibility as a packaging solution and also as an environmentally friendly design with materials coming from renewable resources. Aerogenís flame treating technology allows for the conditioning of the paper / carton board which prepares its adhesion qualities prior to lamination. Such enhanced adhesion contributes to a product which is used for the storage of liquids such as milk and fruit juices.



  • Enhanced Carton Integrity
  • Prevents De-Lamination
  • Eliminates Pin Holes in Laminate - Thus Preventing Cross Contamination
  • Enhanced Adhesion

Main Applications

  • Paper and Carton Board
  • Extrusion Coating PE or Nylon
  • Containers

Main Advantages

  • Increased Bonding of Laminate to Board
  • 100% Fibre Tear Result
  • De-Wicking
  • No Ozone Emissions or Hazardous By-Products
  • Repeatability
  • Reliability

Industry Application Laminating Carton Board Printing

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