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Ribbon Burners

Aerogen is a specialist manufacturer of bespoke industrial gas burners and combustion systems. We supply industry with solutions that offer benefits with both process and economical advantages. Aerogen's scope reaches across a broad range of markets, including: Automotive, Converting, Film, Plastic and Bakery. Aerogen can provide burners from 10 mm to 10 meters in length either standard or bespoke designs for any application ranging from flame treatment to heating, and from treating to drying and curing. Burners are available in both air blast and natural draft format offering with a wide range of energy outputs.



  • Flame treatment
  • Baking
  • Curing
  • Flame Conditioning
  • Suitable for use with Natural Gas; Town Gas and LPG
  • Individually Designed and Thermally Rated


  • Bespoke Burner Designs
  • Ribbon Pack Style Burner Porting
  • Accurate Flame Structure
  • Ribbon Burner
  • Excellent Flame Stability
  • Forced Draft
  • Naturally Aspirated

Industry Application HC511 Ribbon Burners
550 Smooth Flame Burner 808 Burner
3800 Smooth Flame Burner A520 EFI Smooth Flame Burners
A520 BCI Smooth Flame Burner Aeroflame Burner
AT530 Lightweight Aluminium Burner Ribbon Burner Sheet
Automotive Nozzle Burner

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