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Anti Flecking of sheet metal such as tin plate is implemented to prepare the surface prior to further coating. The process is implemented in many coating lines and the flame removes any forming oil or grease present on the surface of the substrate, preparing the surface in a way that promotes adhesion and thus coating durability. The Anti Flecking burner system is usually situated on the coating line prior to the size coating being applied. This well proven technology ensures that spot marks are reduced to a minimum and aids consistent coating, resulting in high quality visual results.



  • Removal of Forming Oil and Grease
  • Pre-Warming of Surface

Main Applications

  • Tin, Aluminium, Steel Ssheet

Main Advantages

  • Increased Coating Durability
  • Improved Appearance of Print
  • No Hazardous Emissions
  • Repeatability
  • Reliability

Industry Application

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