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Aerogen is a manufacturer of flame treatment systems, combustion systems, industrial gas burners and gas controls. We specialise in flame treatment to improve adhesion properties of papers and plastics. We serve a broad range of industries our gas burner technology.

Flame Treatment

  • Plastics: Flame treatment can be utilized to promote the adhesion of labels or print enhancing product quality. more..
  • Automotive: There is a substantial demand for specialty coatings to improve visual, versatile and durable qualities within the automotive industry. more..
  • Converting: Aerogenís flame treating technology allows for the conditioning of the paper / carton board which prepares it's adhesion qualities prior to lamination. more..
  • Film: Films such as BOPP can benefit from flame treatment where the final coating requirements demand high adhesion qualities in the substrate that other methods of surface treatment cannot offer. more..
  • Anti Flecking: Anti Flecking of sheet metal such as tin plate is implemented to prepare the surface prior to further coating. more..

Combustion Systems

  • Air Heaters: The Aerogen FC Series Fire Cone Air Heater burner's are ideal for industrial heating applications. more..
  • Side Strip Curing: The Aerogen Side Strip Curing System is utilized in the manufacture of three-piece cans to cure the weld seam protection material. more..
  • Bespoke Burner Systems: Industrial gas burner systems can be manufactured specifically to suit the individual needs of both customers and products. more..
  • Bakery and Food Related: Aerogen's range of burners is specifically designed to meet the infinite number of food-related demands presented by industrial bakeries. more..
  • Flame Polishing: Flame polishing removes burs and flash from injection moulded components. The flame rounds off edges without damaging the product. more..

Industrial Gas Burners & Controls

  • Ribbon Burners: Aerogen can provide burners from 10 mm to 10 meters in length either standard or bespoke designs for any application ranging from flame treatment to heating, and from treating to drying and curing. more..


  • Spares: We offer an extensive range of spare parts for all flame treatment applications. more..

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Bespoke Design

Queens 						AwardAerogen can manufacture industrial gas burner systems specifically to suit the individual needs of both the customer and their products.