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Bakery and Food Related

Aerogen's range of burners is specifically designed to meet the infinite number of food-related demands presented by industrial bakeries. Aerogen's scope of supply includes a wide range of high performance burner designs suited to variety of food-related applications including; - baking, toasting, searing, branding, caramelizing and other bespoke heat applications. In every case, the burners offer reliability and low maintenance. Burners are available in a number of constructions dependent on the operating environment. The majority of burners are available in cast iron or mild steel but special models are available chrome plated or stainless steel (allowing for optimum operation and cleaning in food environments). Ceramic burners are also available.


Main Applications

  • Heating
  • Reduce reject rates
  • Baking of Bread, Cakes, Pizza's Biscuits, Searing and Branding

Main Advantages

  • Direct Heating
  • Reliable
  • Repeatable
  • Low Maintenance
  • Good Turn Down
  • Energy Efficient
  • Bakery

Bespoke design industrial gas burners are Aerogen's speciality. We offer both the burner knowledge and combustion technology to offer solutions for even the most unusual of applications. Burners are available made to length and specific heat output. Ribbon burners are available in natural draft construction using a naturally inspirate jet top to allow the induction of air into the gas supply. Burners are also available in force draft, where a premix combustion generator is utilized to feed the burner with mixture and achieve a much greater output.

Industry Application

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