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Aerogen is a specialist manufacturer of flame treatment systems, combustion systems, industrial gas burners and gas controls. Aerogen specialise in flame treatment to improve adhesion properties of papers and plastics with the benefit of both process and economical advantages. Aerogen serve a broad range of industries using gas burner technology.


Why Flame Treatment

  • In all instances flame treatment offer superior results to other methods such as corona or plasma.
  • Flame treatment offers higher treatment levels and no decay of treatment.
  • The treatment level remains virtually indefinitely.
  • Both process and economical advantages.

Applications of Flame Treatment

  • Automotive - For painting and bonding of car bumpers and instrument panels etc.
  • Converting/Printing - Web treatment or conditioning improves adhesion for laminating, coating and printing.
  • Plastics - Flame treatment offers enhanced adhesion solutions for cups, caps, cables and containers when printing or labeling.
  • Film - Printing for gift wrapping, confectionary, snack foods etc.
  • Bakery - Baking of bread, cakes, pizza's, biscuits and searing or branding.

Implementing flame treatment will enhance product quality and durability, leading to a reduction in raw materials, waste and overall manufacturing costs. Due to the efficient low cost gas consumpition, savings in the production process can be measured immediately.


To find out more about The Aerogen company and flame treatment or what products and solutions we can offer, please get in touch by emailing info@aerogen.co.uk or by using the menu up the top to browse our website.

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